إحنا معك (with you) apk
إحنا معك (with you) apk

إحنا معك (with you)

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(Omar and Hala) Welcome to their own world

Omar and Hala ... Real characters in the application suffer from learning difficulties and are the reason and inspiration in the development of this application
We are with you .. To develop children's skills and overcome learning difficulties
Specialized application for the development of developmental skills in children, especially children with learning disabilities. It focuses on the basic skills of children such as cognition, thinking and attention .. Also interested in the life skills of children with learning disabilities and their importance in understanding the child's attitudes and events. Behavioral skills, which are one of the most important variables associated with a child's life, must be properly established. As well as the daily tasks required of the child by age ..
Contents (We are with you)
Every child from a young age needs to know what is around him, understand shapes, memorize words and distinguish between things ... all these things can be combined in a scientific term (developmental skills), which relates to the growth of mental abilities and processes responsible for academic and personal, social and professional compatibility. ..
Developmental skills depend on three basic skills:
Attention: (is the ability of the individual to choose a specific stimulus and continue to focus on it for the duration required by that stimulus)
Thinking: is the ability to focus and choose the right thing, often puncture games of the most ability to increase thinking and skill development.
1 - auditory perception
2 - visual perception
3. Spatial perception
4. Temporal perception
5 - sensory perception

Application Description:
We cleverly solve the problem of children attached to electronic devices and make spending time on them is of interest and importance to the child in the development of skills and benefit from his time .. The application is two parts:
A group of activities to develop the developmental skills in children through games similar to the curriculum and mechanism of specialized educational games.
A control panel for parents with many features:
  The father can choose the skill in which he wants to develop his child
The father can control the amount of time that suits his son to sit on the mobile
The father can follow the scale of his son's development in basic skills, daily skills
For the child, these children have the advantage over others not to accept some things and aversion to them so the application contained three elements to play (fruits, animals, shapes)
The development of auditory skill and the development of linguistic skill of hearing the names of the forms and repeating a childish voice close to their concept.
Prepared by specialists in the field.
The application is designed in an easy and attractive way for children and limits their dispersion and strengthens the period of their concentration in content
It is also designed in a distinctive and easy to use way to work on various smart mobile devices.
The ability to play free content without Internet
Provides safety and concentration in children and ensure that they do not distract from the absence of ads

The application is also concerned with the daily skills and attitudes facing the child and therefore the addition of daily skills to five positions is the most in tandem with the need of the child skills in the home and at school and in the street and in the garden and in the supermarket ..

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