Uno Party Card apk
Uno Party Card apk

Uno Party Card

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Uno Party Card : Playing Uno cards with friends from all over the world

Do you like UNO Party Card? This games is for you.

It’s really fun to play, our main goal is giving fun card games without ads that annoy players.

playing Uno Party cards with players from all over the world can add to the excitement while playing, try to beat them all.

Yes! This is a card game that is played by people all over the world.

Try becoming a professional card player.

The objective of the game is to get rid of your cards fast to win this game!

Please note that this game has a fake multiplayer system (the users playing in multiplayer mode are not real) for these following reasons:

▶ This fake system looks so cool and real. Your users will think they are real people.
▶ It’s not easy to make a real multiplayer system.
▶ It’s complicated to set up a real-time system and they are all not free to use.
▶ The disadvantage of using real-time system is that you need a large number of users first. Because if you don’t have many users, it’s very hard to match a game to begin.

Features :
▶ Play with computer mode
▶ Play with friends
▶ Play online (fake multiplayer system)

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