Galaxy Shooter Wars apk
Galaxy Shooter Wars apk

Galaxy Shooter Wars

Latest Version by LongTime Game

The fierce air wrestling of future warriors and space invaders.

Future warriors fought fiercely in the air with space invaders by driving a variety of spaceships.

*Featured spaceship: Valkyrie, you can switch between spacecraft and mech
* Charge number, upgrade to get more barrage
* Optimize machine guns to make it better against enemy in front
*There is a small range of crystal adsorption capacity now, and the range is larger after purchasing the magnet.
* Crystals from the treasure chest increase the bonus of 5% of the highest score in history
*End of the screen ads get an additional 10% of the number of crystals

Tip: Quickly double-click on the screen to quickly release the bomb, and the large screen can be swiped 2 times in the settings to enhance the operational feel.

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