فروشگاه همراه مارکت apk
فروشگاه همراه مارکت apk

فروشگاه همراه مارکت

Latest Version by Navid Abutorab

Mobile Market is an online hypermarket for Fasa citizens.

By installing the App Store, you can easily order your daily purchases and get the right place at your place.

Our companion features

Ability to choose goods among thousands of diverse commodities in the appropriate categories

Save time and money (prices are always discounted)

Free purchases of over 35,000 tomans

Possibility to pay for a home (cash / card reader) and online payment

Fast in less than an hour

24-hour order

Rewarding and returning goods

It is possible to view the exact invoice, discount rate and monthly purchase history

Posting hours from 9 am to 11 pm (excluding holidays from 15 pm to 22 pm)

You can choose the desired time interval for delivery of orders.

Just take a few minutes to select whatever you need and order a listing.

Support number: 09171349104

Website URL: