Gold quiz : Pirates king quiz apk
Gold quiz : Pirates king quiz apk

Gold quiz : Pirates king quiz

Latest Version by one games

can you complete all of the levels that exist within the onepiece trivia?

Gold quiz is a game of trivia about questions related to anime onepiece, various questions of the responsibility was not available because an awful lot of questions, ranging from quotes, the devil fruit, the fight, the characteristic feature of a good laugh, characters, and much more in question.
onegames pun made three categories for this trivia game.

1. adventure
3. gold

in the category of adventure – you will provide the question "during the adventure of luffy from chapter 1-present
levels are available from level 1-6, each level there are 25 questions. and it is an additional update along with the number of players and game one piece fan trivia.

in the category of quotes at aruskan-here you answer his question every 25 level, level is possible like in the Adventure mode i.e. 6 levels, you must answer the question correctly and precisely because quotes in onepiece very much at all, therefore if you are not a fan of onepiece you will not be able to complete this onepiece quiz.

in category gold-here is the question "about the latest movie from onepiece the movie heart of gold movie up to the latest gold, each level consists of 15 questions and 6 levels, you are required to answer questions" about the latest onepiece anime, this is very easy because it is still a very new impressions of his movie.

don't worry about not being able to answer the question, because there is a feature that allows you to hint answer, if the hint is exhausted you can choose the button recover his hint button then right back as early and can be used again.

survivors struggled in finishing this trivia onepiece.
feedback and suggestions we will accept gladly

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