Farm Fun: Pet Extreme Love apk
Farm Fun: Pet Extreme Love apk

Farm Fun: Pet Extreme Love

Latest Version by VNG GAME STUDIOS SEA

Farm management, care of pet fun and become a star in the eyes of your friends!

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Farm Fun - free mobile game with simple gameplay that attractive, vibrant graphics brings authentic feeling as yourself is one of the farm owner. Every day, you plant trees, planting flowers, care and management of his farm, farm against attackers without rain sunlight beams.

Features of the game Farm Fun:

✓ MANAGING your farm large with 12 different areas to explore: spacecraft romantic hovering titles garden in the cloud, Dong Xanh fresh with golden stars twinkling, garden Ice lantern flickered like fairytale castle ... at the start of a new day of 1 person ranchers true with planting trees, planting flowers, take pet care pet and interact positively neighbors.

✓ DESIGN beautiful green gardens from 30 different types of seeds: stars, radish, sunflower, tea finance mi ... Try combining seeds in the nursery to born beautiful exotic hybrids with high economic value.

✓ PROPERTY cute pets with special skills. Just enter the game you will get a very useful little dog to farm management there. Each pet has a special talent: dog sniff a neighbor's house has many deep and orange wings, cats help call customers purchase special orders, penguins fishing articles and or rabbit pearl with mini games spit radish fun .

✓ CARE pet (pet) by giving the pet well fed, and dressed in beautiful fashion. You will be completely surprised by the clothes designer fashion in the funny farm. Pet care will become better so happy that enhance the ability snapping up EXP garden, so dangerous, right?

✓ warehouse COLLECTORS beautiful pots attracted through daily events and upgrade pots. Whether you are providing Scorpio, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn ... can look to their corresponding zodiac pots to decorate the garden, delivery orders or activate pots nice effects. Each special events in the game, you will have the opportunity to own pots event rare but not too hard to find, like potted Christmas, pots Love, pots Tet, pots Autumn ... Especially only at Farm Fun is the pot 26 letters or more to help your garden with style when neighbors visit. When using the combo on a garden pot garden will turn upward magical shimmering, who looked well admired.

✓ inn upgrade from pot rough ground to warehouse pots add shimmer and resonate more special features, such as shortening the time of harvest, increased EXP garden, increase the amount of gold coins for your farm. If you love a certain kind of pots and want to add value to the advanced features that the pot will be very useful there.

✓ TRAFFICKING easily just by a single touch. Fresh agricultural products are produced daily from your green garden or get pots from daily events will be selling like hot cakes at the shop. Labor engrossed luck will come, and soon you will become rich farmers to get rich thanks this way.

✓ EXCHANGE together millions of neighbors through fun activities daily such as pesticides, watering, gifts friends and do not forget the handy application for less yellow, orange wings when neighbors are away slightly.

Farm Fun followed the success of the web version with more than 6 million players will be an interesting and exciting game for the players to the game farm. With easy operation and convenient mobile negligent help players take time but still full entertainment. In particular, the game Farm Fun donated a lot of diamonds upon you as much, because we understand that the game must be fun, but want to be sure there must be many friends to play. Play now and become a star in the eyes of friends yet!


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