Idle Restaurant Manager apk
Idle Restaurant Manager apk

Idle Restaurant Manager

Latest Version by Neall Rolfe

Bring together the world's cuisine and create your own food empire!

There are so many delicacies here, and the unique taste makes you feel the real high-end cuisine!

Become a world-renowned food manager!

Let your food spread all over the world!

Game features:
Unique party time: Star singers from all walks of life will come to your area to hold parties regularly, and you can quickly earn a lot of profits through parties! Enjoy the thrill of making money fast!
Unique automatic business system:
Even if you leave the game, your gourmet restaurant is still working! All the profits you earn will be automatically obtained, so you don't have to work hard and feel the fun of making it easy!
Earn more money to upgrade your industry and get more powerful features!
Hire the world's top chefs to double your profits!

There are more eggs in the game waiting for you to discover!
The surprise is constant, and the monthly income is hundreds of billions!
Become the richest person!

The game does not need wifi, play at any time
Suitable for all Android 4.0 and above models!

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