Chinese Pinyin Study apk
Chinese Pinyin Study apk

Chinese Pinyin Study

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Chinese Pinyin

Chinese Pinyin Study

You can record your pronunciation and listen for improvement.

Inro contains a series of games, including Inro Pinyin, Inro Chinese Character (Traditional Chinese), Inro Chinese Character (Simplified Chinese), Mandarin and Cantonese.

Chinese Pinyin Games for Kids. Educational activities teach kids basic Chinese elements - Pinyin, Chinese Characters.

• Chinese (finals + tones)
• Chinese (Vocabularies)
• Chinese (Pronunciation)
• Designed by language learning experts and game design talents for kids aged 3-10
• Course for preschool, early learners & young children studying languages.

Are you interested in learning Chinese? Do you find it difficult to pick up? Do you want to master Chinese by playing funny yet enlightening games? Inro Pinyin Series are the solutions to all of these questions!

You can enjoy marvellous learning experience as you can control your own study pace. There are many levels for players to incrementally build up their knowledge of Chinese from the most fundamental level