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Helppyindia works at the core levels of the supply chain.

Helppyindia bridges the gap between the retailers and wholesalers / manufacturers of Textile&Garments Industry by bringing them together on a single platform. It aims at bringing the retailers at a level which helps them earn higher profits, widen their product range, strengthen their financial credibility and expose them to a larger customer base. Ours is an ecommerce site that builds a stronger direct connection between the retailer and the manufacturer or wholesaler in Textile&Garments Industry. With advancement of technology in every segment, the Textile&Garments Retail market has also benefited from its innovations. The Indian Retail market has outgrown itself through the years of transformation.Helppyindia strives to play an important role in this process by being a pioneer in providing enormous and proficient ecommerce space. VISION OF HELPPYINDIA Helppyindia is aimed at enriching the Indian Textile&Garments Retail market, which is still widely unorganized. Building a competent platform by adopting best technology and eliminating the inefficient elements in the supply chain motivates us each day.

Helppyindia works at the core levels of the supply chain. The main elements of the supply chain on an e-commerce platform are the retailers and the suppliers. We have formulated a structure that allows both the parties to develop a mutually beneficial relation. As the brands are exposed directly to the retailers they enjoy certain benefits offered by Helppyindia: Large retailer base Better communication A wider platform for product promotions Transparent pricing system In-depth analysis of retailer behavior The retailers too benefit from the strategically planned structure at Helppyindia. Some of them are: Wider brand exposure Fair pricing policy Attractive deals and promotions Best in-house technology Free from inventory hassles Logistic convenience

Through our smartly designed system we target at empowering brands and retailers by providing an efficient platform which aims at generating high revenues, more profit earnings and a strong processing system. Helppyindia is thus focused at removing the unwanted elements out of the supply chain and contribute towards transforming it into a highly organized sector.