GlobeCleaners apk
GlobeCleaners apk


Latest Version by Cristi Milea

Let's clean the planet together!

Earth needs our help more than ever! Join the community of people who care about the environment and do their best to have a positive impact on the planet. Our goal is to transform the planet into a clean and safe place for humans and animals alike by being active in picking up litter.

Wherever you are, in your own city or on holidays, whatever you do, walking to work or out for a run, you can take care of the environment by picking up litter. Record your “litter harvest” and become part of the network of people trying to save the planet. Become a GlobeCleaner!

• Helps you keep track of the number of your litter picking sessions.
• Helps you keep track of the total time you spent cleaning up trash
• Helps you take quick and easy before and/or after pictures and share them on social media
• Helps you see which areas close to you have been cleaned
• Gain points for picking up trash and unlock X badges to celebrate your achievements and input in making the planet a better place
• Motivate yourself to do more for the environment by setting individual challenges
• Compete with your friends by creating or joining group challenges
• Discover like-minded people by creating litter picking events in your area

Words to use in comms:

• Community
• Help
• Environment
• Grow
• Sustainable
• Public health, safety and well being
• Network
• Challenges
• Discover
• Build
• Create events
• Nature