Custom Hand & Foot Scorecard apk
Custom Hand & Foot Scorecard apk

Custom Hand & Foot Scorecard

Latest Version by Timothy Weaver

Automated scorecard and game tracking app for the Hand and Foot card game.

Hand and Foot is a card game with no official rules and is played by different people with a variety of different rule sets. This app provides a game by game means of calculating the scores for up to 6 teams or individuals.

Game-play options currently include playing a configurable number of rounds, with the winner being the highest total scoring individual or team at the conclusion of set rounds, or playing to a designated total score(i.e. 10,000), with the winner being the first individual or team to reach the goal.

The objective in each round is to collect clean and dirty books of cards and go out. To "Go Out", one must play or discard all cards in one's hand (first set of cards) and foot (second set of cards)

The value assigned to books can be configured and adapted to a variety of game-play scenarios.

For those new to the game, the app includes full game-play instructions for two possible adaptations.

Each game's results are perpetually stored for historical reference. Game results can also be emailed from within the app.

If this app does not meet the needs of your particular playing style or rules, please provide details and I will update the app accordingly

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