Ringtone Randomizer apk
Ringtone Randomizer apk

Ringtone Randomizer

Latest Version by DVG Tech Apps

Get incoming call with random ringtone each time you get a call.

Tired of same old ringtone ringing every time on incoming calls? Want to hear new ringtones each time you get incoming call? If you have more then one favorite ringtone and you want to use all of them, then this app is best for you.

With this application you can create playlist of all your favorite ringtones. Assign a playlist as default ringtone. Each time you get a phone call, a random ringtone from your playlist will ring. Every time a phone call comes, you get to hear different ringtone from your selected playlist.

You can create multiple playlists with customized name and ringtones.

So now hear different ringtone each time you get an incoming call.

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