Hearts Card game apk
Hearts Card game apk

Hearts Card game

Latest Version by MGGAMES

Download hearts offline. Top-ranked free Classic Hearts app, best top card games

classic Hearts is popular 4-player trick-taking card game in the Android market, game suitable for both mobile phone and android tablets.

Classic Hearts Offline by MGGAMES is the best free card game in offline games of classic card game. Hearts FREE game also popular game name as Queen of Spades and Black Queen games . game of Hearts against opponents simulated by advanced artificial intelligence. hearts multiplayer is games for free

Download hearts offline top-ranked free Hearts app 2019

play hearts offline Features :-
- Really challenging computers
- Jack of diamonds settings
- gaming Statistics for games played.
- Full Hearts play, with optional Jack of Diamonds rule
- Card passing from Left , Right , Across , No Pass
- Hearts Rules & Help
- Passing rules settings
- classy graphics and with attractive design
- very fluid and rapid gameplay
- Simple & super smooth gameplay
- Highly scalable difficulty & much more.
- Statistics are kept for wins and losses and moon shots
- super smooth , fast, stable, always improving
- HD GRAPHICS design card game
- easy to learn all games
- card games to play
- smooth real animations for realtime card game
- You can try our Spades, Rummy and pyramid solitaire games card
- card multiplayer 4 player game

games to download hearts playcard is now available for android mobile phones and tablets with its high quality and high level artificial intelligence. You can now classic card games hearts download the best Hearts card game for free. Our main contribution is offline classic Hearts plus high level artificial intelligence in playing cards game.

free hearts game has different game name
* Chase the Lady playingcard games
* Rickety Kate similar to the game Black Lady. In the game is called
* Queen of Spades in turky,
* Black Queen and in India and south-asian market as best family card game

All cards are dealt randomly to all playersl like random games, so the difference between the Easy, Standard card, and Pro players is in how they choose to play the cards they are dealt. Improve your hearts playing skills by playing our top-ranked free Hearts cards game

Play more & more and become a Hearts pro champion. best card game app Hearts Card Classic has three auto difficulty settings so you can ease your way up to playing like a pro ,skills will improving over time. free to download Playing card games app like hearts has never been so good!

Find out the Rummy card game from the same editor along with we are the publisher of lots of board games with cards , keep playing and share your experiences. Soon will launch the online multiplayer version for you to give download hearts online

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