Remi Rummy apk
Remi Rummy apk

Remi Rummy

Latest Version by 9ONE BIZ GAME

Remi Rummy is a kind of Rummy, this is the famous game like poker

Remi - Rummy is a kind of Rummy, this is the famous game like poker in USA, but they use more card (7 cards in this version).

Let talk about game play of Remi:
- A four-person game, though it can also be played with two or three person, but in this game we only provide four-person vesion.
- Each player receives a 7-card hand from a standard 52-card deck. Each card has point,
+ 5 point: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10
+ 10 point: Jack, Queen, King.
+ 15 point: Ace.
- We can make group of remi card game in many way, we have many type of is:
+ Straight: in sequence (> 3-card) and same suit. Ex: 7 8 9, 10 J Q K.
+ Set: that is triple or four of a kind.
- When you just got recive card from dealer, if you have 7-card can be Set + Straight and no one left. We call 34 ranking. You will win directly.
- Normally, when deal card done, in turn you can remove 1-card and get 1-card from the deck, try best to complete all card is in set.
- When run out card in deck, and no one complete all card in Set + Straight, we calculation the point, specially last one you get can make Set + Straight we will x10 point. (just calculation point in Set + Straight).
- Who win is the best point, and others is loser.
- Each point = chip.

Let I explain about game play:
- When deal card done, you should sort card in 2 group Set + Straight and not Set + Straight.
- When your turn come, you get one in deck and you will remove one card in hand (not in Set + Straight).
- So let remove card that have less point.

Features of Remi - Rummy Indonesia :
- Every day when open Remi you will game 100 chip reward, it free and easy to achived.
- Save the last Remi, if you quit while not done a game yet, no problem it auto save, come back and re-play.
- Statictis: we give you records your result, how many game win/lose.
- History detail: we save detail of each game, you can re-review your history so deeply.
- Alot of avatar, it so cool for selection.
- Backgrouds for changing base on your favourite color.
- Auto suggestion for easy to play.

How to play well?
- Let remove less point card.
- Let save group just need 1-card to become Set + Straingt.

Let play game and fun.

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