Sammy Scribble 2 apk
Sammy Scribble 2 apk

Sammy Scribble 2

Latest Version by babarehner

Simple paint program for 2+ year olds.

Simple paint program for a 2+ year old when you need to keep him or her busy for a few minutes. Works great at a restaurant when crayons won't do any longer. User has a choice of 7 basic colors to draw lines and polka dots on a white background screen. There are 3 different brushes, Thin, Thick, Fill identified by icons. User can also erase the screen by using shaking the phone (Uses the accelerometer). Although these instructions are in English, Sammy Scribble 2 has no language instructions. There is a YouTube video available with more details in this listing. No ads, No tracking in app.

Note to parents:
To erase a drawing, simply shake the phone. By using the android accelerometer the child's drawing will vanish. I was a little hesitant to include this feature for 2 year olds because of the chance of the child dropping the phone. But I found my grandchildren could do this by holding the phone in two hands. Also it might help if they shake the phone over a table. It takes a little practice to get the accelerometer to erase every time. If you are really worried about the child dropping the phone, you can shake the phone for them.

Privacy Policy- This software does not access, collect or store any user data.

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