垃圾分类游戏-垃圾分类查询指南 apk
垃圾分类游戏-垃圾分类查询指南 apk


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Shanghai Garbage Classification Common Sense Test Reference

In order to strengthen the management of domestic waste, improve the living environment, promote fine urban management, maintain ecological security, and ensure sustainable economic and social development, cities have promoted the implementation of waste separation management programs.

The first method of garbage sorting: recyclables, hazardous waste, kitchen waste, and other waste.
The second method of garbage classification: recyclables, hazardous waste, wet garbage, dry garbage.

Recyclables - Items that can be recycled or reprocessed after recycling, including paper, plastic, glass, metal, fabric, and electronic waste.

Hazardous waste - refers to waste containing heavy metals, toxic substances or potential hazards that are harmful to human health. Including waste batteries, waste fluorescent tubes, waste water silver thermometers, expired medicines, pesticide tanks, pesticides, potent detergents, etc.

Kitchen waste - refers to perishable garbage generated during food processing and consumption. It mainly includes meals, fruit cores, vegetable leaves, animal bones, eggshells, expired foods and discarded oils.

Other waste - In addition to the above-mentioned recyclables, kitchen waste, and hazardous waste. It mainly includes discarded food bags (boxes), discarded paper towels, discarded bottles, ash, cigarette butts, pet droppings, etc.

Wet Garbage - Perishable garbage, perishable biomass living waste.
Dry Garbage - Other waste, other than domestic waste other than recyclables, hazardous waste, and wet waste.

This game is for reference only, the specific classification requirements are subject to the local professional management department.
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