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"YESS" is a cognitive training program for children and adolescents with neurodevelopmental disabilities.

YESS (Yonsei Executive function Training System for Special Kids)

■ Why are children and adolescents with neurodevelopmental disorders?
 - A study of children with neurodevelopmental disorders, including autism spectrum disorders, intellectual disabilities, ADHD, and learning disabilities, reports neurological deficits in the brain, especially those of frontal lobe function located in the anterior part of the brain.

■ Brain function can be improved by training.
 - Many studies report repeated improvements in brain function through continuous training. Based on this research, the Yonsei University Behavioral Psychology Laboratory has created a program called "YESS" that can train the frontal cognitive function of children with neurodevelopmental disorders.

■ What is frontal lobe function?
 - The frontal cognitive function consists of memory, flexibility, deterrence and planning, which is essential for the child's academic achievement, adaptation to daily life, and social activities. YESS has created 24 games based on proven training to improve each cognitive ability.

■ 10-15 minutes a day, 66 days or 120 days
 - The YESS training program carries out six tasks for 10-15 minutes a day, training four areas of cognition. The day program is designed to give children time to concentrate on fun training. It takes 10 minutes to complete six tasks a day, anytime, anywhere.
(※ 120 days is recommended to maximize training effect.)

■ 24 tasks at various difficulty levels
 - In addition to research on cognitive programs whose effects have been confirmed, we have selected 24 tasks, six of which were developed by four interviews, among sixty tasks that were initially developed, reflecting the needs of actual users through group interviews. We also organized all the tasks into various difficulty levels (15 levels) so that children with different levels could train well enough. Play a variety of challenges with a variety of difficulty levels.

■ Personalized programs based on assessment
 - Even if age and intelligence score are the same, individual levels may vary. We have created an evaluation system that will allow children to do their own training for the first four days. Based on these assessments, they are placed at individual customized levels and can be played at the optimal level of difficulty for each child, depending on the results of the training.

■ Various compensation systems
 - No good training program can continue unless children are happy. YESS includes a variety of items that children will love for their children to enjoy themselves. Choose from a variety of themes, including shakes, subways, and characters from around the world to enjoy a variety of training rewards.

■ Research Team
 - Evidence - based cognitive training program with proven effectiveness in research. It is developed by the Behavioral Psychology Laboratory, Department of Psychology, Yonsei University. The Behavioral Psychology Laboratory conducts research with a variety of clinical implications centering on ideas related to behavior modification and behavioral philosophy of psychology.