Word Search -  Infinite Word Puzzle Game apk
Word Search -  Infinite Word Puzzle Game apk

Word Search - Infinite Word Puzzle Game

Latest Version by Crown Banana Studio

Awesome Classical Award Winning Word Search Game! Find The Hidden Words - FREE

Welcome to the Word Search game !!!

Word Search puzzle is a Classical crossword game for Android! 
One of the best Word Search games on the Play Store.

If you're looking for the most trendy word search game, Word Search Puzzle is the game for you! You will enjoy a fun challenge as you identify the hidden words and then swipe up, down, left, right or diagonally to mark them. It's a fun way to hone your vocabulary, spelling and puzzle skills. The game has 3 mode : normal, time attack and scramble, you can choose them freely.

Word Search is totally FREE and is packed full of many word puzzles.

The game is easy to play, slide the letter up, down, left, right, diagonal in any of the eight directions. Search and find all hidden words in the grid. Increase your vocabulary and exercise your brain!

The aim is to find word, find all the hidden words on the board. Select letters with your finger. To pass a level find all the words listed on the board. Improve your vocabulary, spelling and puzzle skills. Exercise your brain as you play.
There are 3 game modes , more than 40 word categories and hundreds of exciting puzzles. Some games have time limits, others do not. It has all the elements that make a word search game so much fun. 
Download now and challenge yourself to become a champion at word search!

✔ Full game is free, with very few ads
✔ 40+ Categories of word search puzzles
✔ Search words - Thousands of words 
✔ Original Game Modes to kill your spare time: Normal, Time Attack, and Scramble mode
✔ Nice highlighting colors. Brilliant colorful look
✔ Daily word challenge
✔ Powerful brain teasers for all ages
✔ Infinite play with automatically generated grids. Realtime generated puzzles. Unlimited puzzles
✔ Elegant animations. Visual animation when you search word.
✔ Keep your best scores
✔ Easy choosing letters
✔ Compatible with all devices including tablets
✔ Learn new vocabulary in english
✔ No intrusive permissions and very few space needed
✔ Challenges, achievements and statistics.
✔ Hints: Don't get stuck!

WordSearch is completely FREE to play!

Forget pen and paper, you'll never run out of puzzles with this wordsearch games.

Just one more thing...

Are you ready? Start to train your brain now!
Happy Gaming …

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