Stone of Autism apk
Stone of Autism apk

Stone of Autism

Latest Version by REDHA ALYOUSEF

Smash hyperactivity, confusion and lack of concentration

scientists in Japan, " Masaru Emoto " has done a simple experiment on the amount of rice and water, where the 3 placing them in containers and then made for a month talking with them ...
The first container says thank you and please and I love you and all the provocative and loving words
The second pot tells him hate you idiot and stay far from me and I hate you and all inhibitory and provoking hatred
Last one He completely ignored the third container
Imagine how the result was: You can search the Internet for Dr.'s experience and watch many videos:
(Masaru Emoto Water Experiment - Water Consciousness)
The result was that the cedar with the loving words seemed to be smelling of an odor that did not change or rot
Rice with hate words turned black and smelled of stink
Rice, with total disregard, began to rot and change less than the rice of hatred.

From this perspective we designed the game to help children with autism because it makes them happy throughout the day and self-help in their development and motivation for the best case.
This simple game is considered an achievement. It relies on hidden adverbs and the voice of the name of God "Peace" as a background sound that reassures the autistic patient and he plays the game without feeling with the name of God peace, where the autistic patient can sense it according to health and safety in all appearances and conditions 131.

This game is the first male chain games for the autistic patients, which proved the experience effectiveness over time it creates a stable and optimistic atmosphere controls the lack of focus for children.
Please support these studies which give the most benefit to autistic children and you can try it yourself and add your comment and story and participate in this study, which has proven effective since the beginning of the first.