Desert Runner - Prince Surfer apk
Desert Runner - Prince Surfer apk

Desert Runner - Prince Surfer

Latest Version by MortalCodec

Desert runner is endless running, survival and mission completion game

Desert runner is endless running game where you can collect the coins and cross the hurdles. Character running on different environment of the desert where you can find the path for survival. Desert running game have beautiful environment across the path. The theme of this game is we made city in the desert where person forget the path and did not found the path for his home. Desert runner is walk on the street of new city and fined the way where he can face the different difficulties. There are many hurdles floating in path. The difficult hurdles containing stones, wood stand trains and sky jumping.
The desert life is full of difficult life. Your survival in desert is not less than adventure most of the people which did not find the path and not survive the life. Desert runner is full featured game where you can change the character from store and buy the different weapon e.g. An axe or knife and upgrade your game. Sky desert runner game have difficult track to run on these track you need extraordinary skills and full focused person.

Run on the road of desert west city and move up down and left right to avoid the obstacle. When you collide these obstacle you will be die or your power will be consumed. Run around the west city and collect the coin you can. Desert prince runner have four different characters. Using these coin you can buy different product on store you can change the looks of your characters.

Desert prince runner is easy to control and you can run faster and collect more coin as possible. Environment of this game is beautiful path surrounded with buildings and parks. Catch magnet to power up to collect all kind of coin around you. Try our brand new and updated desert prince runner endless game and join the adventure of world with nonstop end fun and get the more experience desert sky runner. Download this endless desert runner game and avoid the obstacle to make highest score and get coins and shop different product. Some time you have different fun to chase the path.

!!!Key Features!!!

• Beautiful as well as Hot Desert Environment
• Attractive Prince Characters
• Power Ups According To Territory
• Different Missions To Get Special Gifts
• Special Boats(Hocks) To Surf On Sand
• Collect Chirags(Glims) To Get Extra Life
• Multiple Attractive Head Scarf, Waist Belt And Hand Carries

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