Gear Up: Be What You Wanna Be apk
Gear Up: Be What You Wanna Be apk

Gear Up: Be What You Wanna Be

Latest Version by Gear Up Studio

Will you be a technopreneur, celebrity or end up back with parents when grown up

Now available! Two new exciting add-on packs, Admission Guide and Career Guide to prepare teens on two critical decisions before graduating from high school.

Will you become a technopreneur, celebrity, or end up back in mom's house when you grow up! A lot depends on the choices you make. Test your strategy and see your future! College grad, Blue-collar job, Entrepreneur, Entertainer! See where your friends end up. GEAR UP now!

Gear Up - Be What You Wanna Be is a strategy simulation game for teens and pre-teens to know about college admission and career prep options. With time ticking, teens must focus on most appropriate options to build their resume to qualify for college admission or a good job. Teens have many choices in front of them, but they must remain focused on a few career paths that are aligned with their strengths and interest. They must make use of available resources and know avenues to get mentorship and financial assistance. This game aims to provide teens that knowledge and mentorship necessary to be successful.

Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate can help improve your GPA. Do you know many other options for college prep to build a formidable college application resume? Colleges are expensive, but Technical and community colleges offer job-ready education. How about being successful in the service industry with your dedication and commitment. Test your strategy with this fun STRATEGY GAME, and see if you finally made it to your dream! A free game in App Store!