Black Market Business Tycoon apk
Black Market Business Tycoon apk

Black Market Business Tycoon

Latest Version by Appatrix Games

Fulfill your dream of becoming the richest man in the world!!

Have you always wanted to be the richest man in world? Keep clicking to take over the economy and become a billionaire in Black Market Business Tycoon.

Start off as a small time criminal and indulge in petty theft like mobile snatching and pickpocket. The lust for money keeps you encouraging for bigger crimes and build your empire in this capitalist world. Establish a gang mafia in city, go on to bigger and more dangerous crimes in this capitalism simulator. Start illegal business ventures and earn millions of dollars. Recruit more criminal gangsta and become mafia godfather. Increase profit by committing heinous crimes in this captivating theft game.

Lead your cartel to reach the top of the criminal world. Hire criminals and gangster to do your dirty work and earn black money for you. Keep clicking to conquer the crime world as a mafia kingpin.

Black Market Business Tycoon Features:

Perform robbery on jewellery shops in city
Start illegal activities like auto theft
Kidnap people and demand ransom to gain wealth
Establish a brewery and sell alcohol
Become godfather of land mafia
Start a drug cartel and earn black money
Form multi-national conglomerate of weapons trade
Earn money as investor in illegal activities
Form a monopoly in criminal economy
Become the richest man in world!!

Download Black Market Business Tycoon and live the life of mafia godfather.

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