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Night of the Full Moon
4.1 3.27M+
Witch's Forest Adventure. Dark Fairy Tale Little Red Riding Hood.

Night of the Full Moon APK Game: Details and Download

Version code
Android 5.0 and up
3.27M+ downloads
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99.60 MB
4.1 / 77.46K+ reviews
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Original name
Night of the Full Moon
Released on
Oct 19, 2017
Content rating
Teen, Violence, Blood
Updated on
Sep 28, 2023
- Storyline with ups and downs
A dark fairy tale for free exploration...
That beautiful Black Forest is now being cursed and snowed all day
The intrusion of a red figure is about to bring about a change
Will this little girl who is searching for her grandmother find the truth of the story under your guidance?
The mystery is about to unravel ......

- Exquisite 2D original artwork and animation
6 different Little Red Riding Hood professions await your choice.
Eye-popping card effects during the battle!
Download the game! You're invited into a great card war!

- Randomly triggered unknown events
What choice do you make when you stand at the corner of a junction?
Be warned, once you choose, there is no way to turn back ......

- Multiple storyline options
Who is waiting for your rescue?
Who daunts your 1V1 extermination!
Over 500 cards to choose from to help you with your own fairy tale.

- Challenge a wide variety of bosses!
Awaken monsters that have been asleep for a long time.
Over 93 different mysterious villains that
waiting for you to conquer!

- Together, side by side!
You're not alone! Choose your own retinue!
Enjoy a PvE hunting duel!
Start fighting now!

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