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Checkmate Heroes

save the dog
Checkmate Heroes:save the dog
2.4 0+
Awaken heroic Caissa and set off on a magical journey! Come join the beta!

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Android 4.4 and up
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966.61 MB
2.4 / 333+ reviews
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Checkmate Heroes:save the dog
Released on
Nov 19, 2022
Content rating
Everyone 10+, Fantasy Violence, Crude Humor, In-Game Purchases
Updated on
Feb 1, 2023
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What's new
- Optimized the tutorial events
- Added a daily free Summon
- Adjustment of the Battle Order reward
- Adjusted the “Dawnlight” item to be used in Chessboard.
- Added special daily recharge events.
Bug Fixes
- Fixed the abnormal HP recovery of Joan of Arc and Merlin's skills.
- Fixed the lag issue of Vlasta- and Guinevere's skills
- Fixed the issue that there was a chance that players could not move during battles.
- Fixed the issue that unlocking Power Crystals would return resources
Vulnerable in their eternal slumber, once glorious heroes have been imprisoned by the Null, bringing the wheel of fate under the mercy of dark forces. Locked inside the prison of Caissa, the heroic spirits are calling out to a brave Spiritcaller to save them. Are you willing to answer the call to save the Caissa and restore the glory of the past? You will exert your power over this world, controlling a variety of Caissa and heroes. Kings will follow your command. Queens will lend their power to you. Bishops will chant hymns in your honor. Rooks will pave the way for your army. Knights will charge in any direction you so desire. Open the door to a mystical new world, work together with your fellow Spiritcallers, and join the battle against the Null who seek to control history. Your Caissa await your call, ready and willing to protect your glory and serve your wisdom! ♦ Caissa Bonds and Limitless Challenges Combine the power of 5 Caissa types and 3 classes to defeat your enemies with the power of their bonds! ♦ Experience the Rich World of Caissa and the Joy of Battle Acquire exotic Caissa for exciting battles and learn about their heroic past lives! ♦ Highly Strategic Chess-Themed Gameplay Show off your strategy and tactics on the Chessboard and rule over the world of Caissa! ♦ Play in Your Sleep With generous idle rewards, Checkmate Heroes eliminates the grind and allows you to play at anytime and anywhere! — Technical Requirements — Minimum Requirements: Android 4.0 or above with 1GB of storage. — Contact Us — Join the official Discord to communicate with us at any time:
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