Autograph+ Free Hand drawing apk
Autograph+ Free Hand drawing apk

Autograph+ Free Hand drawing

Latest Version by Whizpool

Get started and go paperless! Use the autograph canvas as a handy sketch pad!

Get started and go paperless! Are you bored? Keep yourself occupied by using the autograph canvas as a handy sketch pad!
Or want to go completely paperless? In today’s high-tech world, your smart phones’ cameras are turning into scanners. Autograph plus is a simplest way to scan your signature with camera directly from paper.

Even you can manually add signature using finger gestures and add auto-signature using keypad.

Do you have celebrities around and no paper pen available? No worries! Famous signatures count for nothing in an age of instant digital gratification. Just grab your device and take the autographs from your favorite celebrity. Save and share with friends on social media and get eminent.

Key features:

• The most versatile way to scan your signature/autograph from device camera
• After you scan your signature/autograph, customize it with an option of crop and rotate to give it a professional look
• Import from gallery or capture image to set as background or simply draw your signature/autograph on the canvas with your finger gestures
• Add current date and time along with your signature/autograph
• Customized drawing tool with a choice of brush color and thickness for a better look and feel
• Hit clear or erase particular area as per your desire
• Simply add your signature/autograph in text field by using keypad with different available font, color and style
• Share with your friends via email and different social mediums

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