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Plague of Z

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Version code
Android 4.1 and up
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430.28 MB
4.5 / 16.14K+ reviews
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Original name
Plague of Z
Released on
Jul 16, 2020
Content rating
Teen, Violence, Blood, Users Interact, In-Game Purchases
Updated on
Nov 3, 2022
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What's new
1、Alliance experience optimization
2、fixed some bugs
The leakage of the deadly virus ”Z” devastated the whole world crazily and turned most humans into bloodthirsty zombies. Human beings who originally advocated peace began to plunder, kill and intrigue under the disaster. In order to survive, you must raise your guns to shoot zombies, rescue and recruit survivors, lead them to survive, break through the heavy siege of zombies, and establish a stable community

Game Feature
[Camp Construction]
Establish your camp, provide a safe haven for your survivors, and build the foundation for your doomsday empire.

[Recruit Heroes]
Recruit all kinds of heroes in the bar. The combination of heroes with different functions, whether marching or collecting materials, will make you a better commander.

[Develop Technology]
Scientific and technological research continues to make breakthroughs, and the output speed of armed forces or materials has greatly increased, making the camp enter the era of 2.0.

[Heritage Exploration]
Shoot freely, enrich playing modes, kill zombies, and obtain a large amount of rare materials.

[Establish Alliance]
Establish an alliance with like-minded survivors to fight against the zombie army and hostile forces, and create their own doomsday empire.

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