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Dragon Trail

Hunter World

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Android 4.3 and up
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168.74 MB
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Dragon Trail: Hunter World
Released on
Aug 22, 2022
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Teen, Violence, Blood
Updated on
Oct 31, 2022
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What's new
I. New Cannoneer Class Is Now Available
II. New Pet Villa
III. New Godfall Impasse
IV. New Grand Show
V. New Cross-Server Party
VI. Revamped Rune System
VII. Other Optimizations and Upgrades
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Dragon Trail, a brand-new island tribal adventure game! As a youth chosen by the dragon, you will start the trip to explore the secret of Loya Book with your father's belief. Various costumes, cute pets and mounts, team work, island competition, etc., all create a unique tribal world for you.

[Assemble your squad and defeat evil dragons!]

Explore the fantastical landscape of Star Island collecting dozens of different pets and dragons. Assemble your Dragoncide Squad to fight against evil dragons that threaten the land.

[Find pets all over Star Island]

Star Island is full of amazing and unique creatures like the Icy Bear, Fire Wyvern or Bluish Parrot. Each of these creatures has their own personality whether adorable and sweet or very naughty. Observe every corner of the land to find their traces.

[Evolve to grow stronger]

Form bonds with your pets and evolve them when they're ready. Watch them grow and work together with them to break through the limits of combat. Which of your pets will be the strongest?

[Train with an instructor]

Dragon Trail features a Mentor-Disciple system. Train everyday with your kind master by completing missions and grow more powerful. Gain rewards by finishing missions. Hunt with your master, apprentice, friends and partners to gain profit and uncover surprises.

[Pick your favorite class]

Every hero has something they're great at. Dragon Trail lets you decide what you do best. Choose a strong warrior and resist damage while fighting. Pick the beautiful priests who aim to protect their fellow adventurers. Jump into the shoes of a ranger to perform long-range damage attacks or take a stealthier approach with the mysterious assassins. Different classes means different strategies and more fun.

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