Learn To Write Korean Characters (Hangul) apk
Learn To Write Korean Characters (Hangul) apk

Learn To Write Korean Characters (Hangul)

Latest Version by Simya Solutions Ltd.

A fun app to learn and improve your writing skills for FREE

Write Me - Learn Korean Alphabets (Hangul) is a FREE education app that provides a fast and easy way to learn Korean characters. With our writing recognition, you will be able to practice writing Korean letters correctly and hassle-free.

Write Me is designed to make learning Korean alphabets as easy and as fun as possible! Using a variety of mini-games, you’ll be able to immerse yourself in the Korean letters using just this mobile application!

In Write Me, we’ve made the learning process incredibly fun by creating a story about the Hummingbird. All you need to do is polish your writing skill to grow lots of lily flowers in the garden to feed the Hummingbird. The Hummingbird will grow up and change the color once you finished your learning.

Whether you’re a complete beginner and don’t know any Korean letters or you’re already pretty familiar and want to learn advanced Korean characters or brush up your knowledge – Write Me has everything you need!

✓ Flashcards of each character and its word
✓ Character quizzes
✓ Match characters with the transcription
✓ Practice writing each character
✓ Complete the missing part of each character
…. And much, much more!
With so many different mini-games, challenges, quizzes to teach you Korean characters, you’ll have hours of fun learning a new language. It may not feel like learning at all!

✓ User-friendly interface is easy to navigate
✓ Individual courses covering different aspects of the Korean characters
✓ Mini-games, flashcards, challenges and interactive games to help you learn much faster
✓ Learn to pronounce Korean alphabets with a native Korean speaker
✓ Many other language alphabet courses: Japanese (Hiragana) Alphabet, Thai Alphabet, Vietnamese Alphabet, Lao Alphabet, Burmese Alphabet, Hindi Alphabet, Arabic Alphabet, Urdu Alphabet, German Alphabet, Hebrew Alphabet, Russian Alphabet, Georgian Alphabet, Bengali Alphabet, Bulgarian Alphabet, Khmer (Cambodian) Alphabet, Greek Alphabet, Mongolian Alphabet, Nepali Alphabet ...

There’s no easier way to learn Korean characters and no better time to learn than now! Write Me provides you with all the tools and guides you need to learn to write the Korean Characters, from the fundamentals to the advanced material. Best of all – it’s free for the first 5 units!

What are you waiting for? Download Write Me - Learn Korean Characters and learn how to write Korean characters in a very easy & fun way.

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