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Dostavista — работа курьером

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October 5, 2022
Dostavista — работа курьером apk

Work as a courier with a daily payment of up to 5460 rubles. Download the app.

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Aug 3, 2012
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Oct 5, 2022
Updated on October 5, 2022
Dostavista — работа курьером APK version 2.85.0 requires Android 5.0 and up, API level 21 or higher.
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In the application "Dostavista - work as a courier" you can find a part-time job for walking couriers, couriers by car, truck and bicycle.

Deliverist is a fast courier delivery service around the city. It works like this: customers place orders, and couriers respond to them in the application and take parcels from one address to another - and get paid for it.

To become a courier, you just need to download the application and go through a quick registration. Within 20 minutes, we will approve your profile, and you can immediately start working as a courier and choose profitable orders and slots from a large list.

-income up to 5460 ₽ per day;
- cash bonuses for friends;
- daily payments from Monday to Thursday;
-free delivery schedule;
- you can become a courier in 10 minutes, no interviews;
-fixed commission;

The courier receives money on the card every day from Monday to Thursday. With delivery in slots, you can plan a regular stable income of up to 110 thousand rubles per month!

You can work as a courier every day, or you can earn extra money at a convenient time; just go to the application and select the order that is on your way. And to get more money, try slot delivery: the slot schedule appears in the app, and you can choose a suitable day. Slots last from 4 to 12 hours.

Self-employment is very profitable: self-employed couriers receive 6% more and can receive income on the card. You can become self-employed in Delivist in 10 minutes.

You can deliver parcels in any way. We are looking for couriers on foot, private car, bike and truck. The average income is 3200 ₽ per day on foot and 4500 ₽ per day by car. But many couriers get much more than average :-)

Installation instructions

Download the app.
Enter your e-mail, full name as in your passport, upload a photo of the first spread of your passport (any citizenship will do) and a selfie. Photos should be clear, with clear text.
If you have a promo code, enter it - after the first order we will credit you with bonus points.
If all is well, a green “profile approved” checkmark will appear under your photo. Sometimes we ask you to clarify the data or upload a new photo, you will see this in the application.
Be sure to turn on geolocation - this is the only way you will see a list of orders.
The main thing is everything. Now select any order or slot - we will call you and explain in detail what to do.