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Turning Smartpho
SmartCarKey allows you to Unlock and Start your car with your smartphone.

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SmartCarKey - Turning Smartpho
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Oct 22, 2020
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Everyone, Shares Location
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Apr 28, 2022
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## The SmartCarKey hardware device needs to be installed in the car for the App to work. ##

Once you Download the SmartCarKey App to your smartphone and pair the phone to a device installed in your car, the smartphone
becomes your car key. For the ultimate connected car experience, our device, app and sleek, modern dashboard give you fingertip
control of the following features:

- Lock/ Unlock
- Start/ Stop
- Remote start
- Unlock Trunk
- Last parked location
- Auto security
- Engine deactivate
- Car sharing

Your car can now become smart... and use a digital car key!!!

Using Bluetooth technology to wirelessly send data to the car, drivers also have the option to turn on the Auto lock/unlock and Auto
start/stop option and won't even need to remove the phone from their bag or pocket to start the car. Once the driver is within range
the door automatically unlocks and then the vehicle automatically starts, just put it into gear and away you go.

Forgot whether you locked your car? No problem! The auto security feature automatically locks the car for you when you move a
certain distance away from the car ensuring your car is always secure.

Another great feature of SmartCarKey is ‘last parked location'. This feature allows you to use the map on your phone to locate
where you parked the car last and allows you to navigate to it quickly and easily. Never lose your car again.

Owners can share the Smart Key to family and friends via the App from anywhere in the world allowing them to use the car. The
owner can also include time limits on how long the users can operate the vehicle.

Fleet owners can also use smartcarkey to their advantage. Our sharing platform allows operators to send out multiple digital keys to
multiple drivers for designated time slots and also set time limits ensuring maximum utilization of the fleet.

Follow these three steps to get your car converted to use a smart digital key

1. Download the SmartCarKey App
2. Get the SmartCarKey device installed in your vehicle
3. Set up your account, leave your keys at home and start using a digital car key.

You don't have to have the latest car to have the latest technology!!!!!

Get your car connected today at
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