Wednesday, November 2, 2022

Crossword Quiz

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Android 4.4 and up
Updated on
November 2, 2022

200+ categories of unique crossword puzzles filled with pics, text, and emojis!

Publishing format: Android App Bundle
Released on
Jan 11, 2016
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Updated on
Nov 2, 2022
Updated on November 2, 2022
Crossword Quiz APK version 4.16g requires Android 4.4 and up, API level 19 or higher.
Game improvements along with some minor bug fixes.
Please contact support if you find any issues.
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Crossword puzzle games have been around for ages. It鈥檚 a classic word game that challenges your vocabulary and is a powerful tool for learning. Of course you鈥檝e seen all the normal free crossword games for your phone, they鈥檙e similar to what you grew up with either in the 馃摪 Sunday newspaper or puzzle books; but do you want the same old thing all the time? We didn't.

That's why now it鈥檚 time to stretch your brain a little bit and try a new way to complete these crosswords, by thinking outside the box! Welcome to Random Logic鈥檚 modern twist on a beloved classic game. Crossword Quiz is a unique, free, puzzle crossbreed of several classic word games.

We spiced it up by basing the game on a combination of 3 different types of clues:
馃槀 Emoji combinations
馃摀 Word descriptions
馃摲 Photos
With Crossword Quiz there are multiple ways to approach finding your answer and completing the crossword puzzle!

We challenge you to put your visual, vocabulary, and critical thinking skills to the test in this uniquely crafted crossword whirlwind!

Nervous about trying something new? Don鈥檛 be! You're not learning a new game, just a new way to get to your answers. This free word puzzle game is a fun brain stretcher that will give you endless hours of almost unlimited entertainment! We even help you collect coins along the way that you can use for different hints to help ease you into the game, or to save them for harder categories. So if you find yourself stuck on a crossword puzzle? Don鈥檛 give up just yet! Use the coins you鈥檝e earned to set you back on track with hints by selecting to expose a letter, remove unused letters, or to totally solve the puzzle! Do your best to save your coins to buy hints for more challenging questions and for unlocking new categories (coins can also be purchased in-game).

Reveal a single letter of a phrase. This is the perfect hint to use when the crossword answer is on the very tip of your tongue but need just a little help to complete the puzzle. (we give you the option for how much of a "nudge" you want with your crossword puzzle hints!)

Remove all letters from the letter bank that are not part of the answer. This hint is perfect for when you need a bump in the right direction to finish out the crossword puzzle!

Having a total blank-out? No worries! It happens with all word games. Simply select this hint option and you will be able to move past it and go on with your crossword game!