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Ragnarok X

Next Generation
Ragnarok X: Next Generation
4.3 0+
ROX 2.0, Attack Again!

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Android 5.0 and up
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724.85 MB
4.3 / 276.73K+ reviews
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Ragnarok X: Next Generation
Released on
Jun 16, 2021
Content rating
Teen, Violence, Blood, In-Game Purchases
Updated on
Aug 11, 2022
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What's new
- Released a new Lv. 110 area: Comodo. Experience a new map as well as new enchantments, MVP and MINI, and instances!
- New Second Classes featuring the Bard, Dancer, and Sage. Change to a new class instantly and painlessly!
- Added a new fair Ultimate Hunter gameplay
- Added a new gender conversion feature
- Optimized all classes balancing
- Other game optimizations and known bug fixes
To celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Ragnarok Online, and officially authorized by Gravity Korea, the classic 3D MMORPG— Ragnarok X: Next Generation is getting a special update. New Classes and New Maps—join us for an awesome new adventure!
======Game Features======
◆Seaside City: Comodo
Base Level cap has been raised. Reach Lv. 110 to visit Comodo
Enjoy the romantic vibe on this island with singing and dancing
◆Powerful Second Class Advancement
Bard, Dancer and Sage are all there for you to experience!
Multi-class Conversion in an instant
◆Adorable Pets That Melt Your Heart
We've launched Pet Taming! Build up Favor to unlock more skills
Continue the Adventurer's Journey, accompanied by the cutest pets at every step!
◆You and I Reunite to Start the Story
Marriage System is now live. Embark on a romantic journey with that special someone
Exclusive Couple Quests offer a chance to experience a new world of love!
◆Guild Wars Now Available
A tactical competition that puts teamwork to the ultimate test
Allocate duties and devise a dominant strategy. Fight together for the honor of the guild!
◆Adventure Together Once More
A 3D re-creation of the huge world with a fascinating story, just waiting to be explored
From Prontera the capital, to the offshore island, the Midgard continent is waiting to be discovered!
※This game is free to play, but supports in-game purchase of virtual coins, items and other paid services. We encourage players to spend in moderation.
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