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Gate of Ages: Eon Strife
4.6 258.47K+
A sandbox strategy game featuring a huge span of space and time.

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Android 4.1 and up
258.47K+ downloads
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880.04 MB
4.6 / 513+ reviews
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Gate of Ages: Eon Strife
Released on
Dec 6, 2022
Content rating
Updated on
Jun 02, 2023
The legend of the lost treasures has been circulating for millennia.
Traverse the Gate of Ages to the Lost Continent.
Explore and unveil this land of relics and mysteries!

[Become a Lord and Conquer the Land of Mystery]
Legend has it that in the deepest part of a mysterious land shrouded in mists erects a gate that spans time and space, by entering which explorers will find the most precious treasures.

[Develop Your Heroes and Make the Best of Their Strengths]
Heroes of seven different races, each with unique skills and talents. Recruit heroes to expand your territory and build your fame. Break the seal of the ancient gods and enter the gate of endless wealth.  

[Join an Alliance and Enjoy Alliance Bonuses]
Develop technologies, construct your homeland, issue edicts, and enjoy the benefits from your alliance... A qualified lord has no permanent friends or foes, only interests.

[Construct, Expand and Fight in the Seasonal Tournament]
Enjoy free march and city occupation in the seasonal tournament. Build, expand, conquer, and enjoy thrilling battles.
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