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Mother Simulator

Family life
Mother Simulator: Family life
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Play happy virtual family life, take care of baby and experience housewife duty

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Mother Simulator: Family life
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May 30, 2020
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Everyone, Comic Mischief, In-Game Purchases
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Sep 30, 2022
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Welcome to the fascinating world of motherhood with our mother simulator game! As a mommy and a wife, you have to manage happy family life. Look after the child, do the house cleaning, and experience being a mom. Enjoy the best wife simulator game! Immerse yourself in the funniest world of your virtual family! Take on the role of mommy in this housewife simulator game. Now you can become a great mom and a first-rate housewife at the same time! Deal with house chores, cook, clean, and don't forget about your virtual baby! Motherhood is learning about strengths you didn't know you had... Accept the challenge! 👪 What are daily mommy and daddy chores? Play our mother simulator family life game to find it out! 👶 Take care of your virtual baby. Be a multitasking mom: change stinky diapers, don't skip bath time, sleep time, and feed time. Do your everyday housewife duties and get well-deserved awards. Hurry up, time is limited! 🏡 Look after your dream house! You have no idea how much effort is required to keep the house clean. What does a housewife do all day? House cleaning, cooking, laundry, shopping, gardening, caring for the newborn child, and walking with a pet. Maintain cleanliness at home: clean, renovate, modify space depending on the current needs. Being a mom is tough with all this routine. 🙋‍♀️Make Friends. Walk in the garden to chat with the neighbors! Feed guests a strawberry cake, make coffee for your husband, and live your family life to the fullest in this wife simulator game! ✅Mum and dad have to look after their virtual baby properly! Don't forget to complete an everyday list of to-dos and different tasks. This is a task-based game. Every level has a variety of tasks to complete, with the completion of every level variety of tasks increases. Challenge yourself on this baby care game! 🏰Explore new locations in your house, where your virtual baby, mommy, and daddy can live. Play the wife simulator game and open new levels to unlock the dining room and bathroom. Hurry to play this baby care game. Challenge yourself and reveal mom skills with this mother life simulator game… Mommy and daddy don't waste time, they make their virtual family happy. Show the world that you have the guts to take on the role of a mommy. Features of Mother Simulator game : ⦁ The realistic environment of your dream house. ⦁ Smooth and Easy controls to use in a mother life simulator. ⦁ Colorful design 3D, skins, and fancy clothes for mommy and her baby ⦁ Variety of Tasks and Challenges to experience motherhood! ⦁ Different Missions and locations to Unlock! ⦁ Housewife duty activities to look after children and a dog pet Mother Simulator is a first-person game. At each stage, a young mum must do everything necessary for her beloved family. What are you waiting for? It's time to give your virtual baby the best childhood. Play a mother simulator family life game to become the best mom!
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