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Honkai Impact 3

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Android 5.0 and up
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820.48 MB
4.5 / 494.42K+ reviews
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Honkai Impact 3
Released on
Oct 31, 2017
Content rating
Teen, Fantasy Violence, Mild Blood, Suggestive Themes, Users Interact, In-Game Purchases (Includes Random Items)
Updated on
Nov 30, 2022
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What's new
New SP character Chrono Navi debuts! Play the event to get Herrscher of Thunder Character Card!
[New Character] Chrono Navi: A new SP Fire DMG dealer who slashes with a chakram!
[New Event] Honkai Salvation Log: Travel in the data space to fight alongside Miss Administrator. Play the event to get Midnight Absinthe's new outfit, Crystals and more.
[New Event] Beating Thunder: Play to get a Herrscher of Thunder Character Card.
[New Story] Story Chapter XXXIII: In the Name of the Truth coming soon!
[SP Character | Chrono Navi]
She neither belongs to the past nor comes from the future. She is just a special traveler.
””Nice to meet you. You can call me Miss Administrator.””
New SP character Chrono Navi debuts!
A MECH-type character who deals Fire DMG and flexibly throws her chakram to slash enemies. Casting Ultimate boosts Total DMG for the team.

[Featured Event | Honkai Salvation Log]
When you log in to the game as usual, you suddenly realize that this is not the game you've been familiar with. The only one who can be trusted is the mysterious lady who called herself Miss Administrator...
— Don't be nervous, for the story is never that serious~
Play the event to get Midnight Absinthe's new outfit Spectral Raven, Crystals, Chrono Navi Fragments and more.

[Bonuses Event | Beating Thunder]
Log in to the game and complete specific missions to get Herrscher of Thunder Character Card.

[New Story | In the Name of the Truth]
Bronya does not have any regrets as the Herrscher of Reason. After all, the only inevitable truth about humanity is that humanity's truth will change inevitably.
Story Chapter XXXIII available with the new area Final Crater as well as the new modes Remains of the Old World and Iron Mirage. Play the event to get Crystals, Chapter Stigma Option and more.

[New Event | Cabbage Hide-and-seek]
Complete the mission to get Magic Die and Remote Controller, and then you can control the Ai-chan piece to move forward and stop on a tile. You obtain the rewards of the tile it stops on. Play the event to get Chrono Navi Fragments, Asterite and more.

[Major Activity | Elysian Realm Update]
Newly unlockable: Chrono Navi and Vermilion Knight: Eclipse. Level up battlesuits in Elysian Realm to claim Crystals!

[Equipment Updates]
Unleash unprecedented power! Chakram Rudder in Dream and PRI Chakram Rudder in Dream Λ-I released!
Become the No. 1 Idol! Idol Transformation set has joined the arsenal!

[More Outfits]
Spina Astera's outfit Eternal Dance and Midnight Absinthe's outfit Spectral Raven debut!

The idol has changed her stage, and now she's ready for the big show
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