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Dynamic Island iOS 16

Dynamic Island iOS 16 - iLand
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Dynamic island notch of iPhone 14 iOS 16 on Android for notifications

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Android 5.0 and up
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Dynamic Island iOS 16 - iLand
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Sep 23, 2022
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Oct 8, 2022
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What's new
Fix bugs when width and height of the Dynamic Island are set to zero. New feature to change the color and corner radius of the Dynamic Island
Bring Dynamic Island of iPhone on any Android phone or tablet.

Customization the island with many size and light parameters.
Add a fake cutout instead of a notch.
Dynamic Island use the existing cutout of your device to add software panel that expand and collapse to display information.

This small pill is the same as the one on iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Max.
The design match the iOS guideline one but also adapt the pill shape to your screen.

★ Feature included in this Dynamic Island
- Notification. Notification overhead dialog with morphism animations
- Battery. Battery percentage indication when you plug your device to power
- Music player. Display playback information from your music player like Spotify
- Headset connection. Display when your bluetooth headset like AirPod, Bose or Sony headset is connected
- Theme. The app support dark and light theme

★ Permissions required by the app to get the full experience
- Overlay permission (”SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW” and ”ACTION_MANAGE_OVERLAY_PERMISSION”): Be able to display over other application. Required to display behind the status bar.
- Notification collector (”android.permission.BIND_NOTIFICATION_LISTENER_SERVICE”): Not required to use the app but is required to have the notification panel responding to your device notifications
- Apps ”QUERY_ALL_PACKAGES”. Get your device applications to be able to let you filter the notification from the Dynamic Island depending on the app
- Bluetooth ”BLUETOOTH” and ”BLUETOOTH_CONNECT”. Required if you want the Dynamic Island to respond to bluetooth headset plug and unplug

★ Questions often asked:
- Is uninstallation easy? Yes, just uninstall the app and your device will be 100% restored. The app does not change any settings of your device.
- What is the impact on battery? Sure, the app impact the battery a little bit. But be sure I make the best to improve performance and reduce the impact on the battery.

★ What does the app?
- To let you customize your notifications with a ”Dynamic Island”
- Use your device cutout to hide a panel with information
- To display contextual information about your device like the battery of connected headset

Enjoy ”Dynamic Island” app named ”iLand” =)
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