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Слова со слоном

поиск слов
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September 1, 2022
Слова со слоном apk

Find the objects in the picture and collect the words

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Dec 17, 2018
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Sep 1, 2022
Updated on September 1, 2022
Слова со слоном - поиск слов APK version 1.24 requires Android 4.1 and up, API level 16 or higher.
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Help the elephant find the hidden words!
Elephant Semyon loves adventures, In each of them he takes photos of interesting places and objects. Can you find and guess what objects Semyon captured on his
If you can't find an object in a photo or picture, Semyon will help you put it together from syllables, highlighting the correct parts. Photo Elephant is a freaky mixture of genres such as "find the object" and "collecting words".

At the beginning of the game, the pictures and words will be simple so that you can easily understand the gameplay. The longer you play, the words will become more difficult, and the pictures more confusing. With each new level, collecting words will become more difficult, and items more rare and interesting. As in a crossword puzzle, guessing one word will make it easier for you to find the rest of the words.

* Look for objects and words in pictures
Look at the picture, find the items in the photo. Figure out what their name is and assemble it from letters and pieces of words.

* Guess the words
Connect the parts of the words and guess the words. Each word is an item in the photo.

* Ask the elephant for clues
If you have earned enough bananas, click on the elephant and get a hint, you will see the beginning of the word that you need to guess.

* Get ripe bananas
Mmmm.. yum yum. Complete the level and grab the banana with your trunk. Then another piece of the secret puzzle will open!

The main features of the game:
* Look for items in pictures and photos
* Guess words from parts and syllables
* Highlight syllables when you're stuck
* Get and collect ripe bananas
* Levels of varying difficulty
* Daily challenging tasks
* Pictures with different content
* Can be played offline
* Absolutely free

Install for free, search for words and get rewards!