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Sing Now

Hát kara duet & live
Sing Now, Hát kara duet & live
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App to sing karaoke scores, make friends online! With friends duet, chat & video call

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Sing Now, Hát kara duet & live
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Jun 20, 2021
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Mature 17+, Strong Language, Users Interact, Shares Location
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Nov 22, 2022
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【Update】 Live feature has launched the Live Live and Rocket Lucky Rails, come and get lucky money!
【Optimal】 Welcome a new interface, more trendy!
【Optimal】 Community feature, can share works, post a move that can connect the work or beat!
【Optimal】 The grading feature, high and low adjustment when singing score will be better than before!
【Optimal】 A few details for you to experience better!
【Sing Now - Your mobile singing APP - Sing Karaoke online, live chat and make friends】
Use Sing Now to sing better, karaoke on your phone anytime, anywhere!
Sing Now has many unique features such as scoring karaoke, duet with friends, singers, celebrities, watching livestreams,  create online kara rooms, radio, video call chat, exchange as you like!
A rich and diverse beat music store, always updating Vietnamese karaoke songs of famous singers as quickly as possible!

【Upgrade online entertainment karaoke room】
Duet kara room feature: let you have an authentic experience like being with friends
Sing karaoke to score, practice your voice to become a singer
Gift challenge: get gifts through the ring, sing to the end, become king of kara
PK 1v1, 1v3: use your strength to compete for votes, win
Entertainment room: 8 people together connect mic voice chat, make friends online,  live chat eight non-stop !

【Kara Room - The Voice Mode】
Join The Voice mode and challenge yourself! You are the main vocalist, 4 judges will monitor and grade your voice!
You can also use The Voice mode as a multi-person video chat, chat and make friends, and meet friends far away without worrying about distance!

【Livestream make friends - connect video call chat】
Unique livestream room, beautiful boys and girls dancing, singing, making friends, communicating, not worrying about boredom! The friendly and talented idols will give you the best cover songs; Join Idol to connect video call livestream to talk to relieve all stress!

【Mobile recording karaoke room】
Sing Now gives you a new experience! Sing karaoke online at home without going to a karaoke bar!
With a huge, rich, full all allgenre music!beat music! 9x and 10x love young music, DJ music, 8x love lyrical bolero music!
The scoring karaoke feature will assist you in practicing singing, in addition, you can also adjust your voice on the app, confidently express yourself!

【Premium Quick Singing 】
You can select, record and record the lyrics you want to sing. PK fast singing mode connected with unique effects makes the PK competition even more dramatic!

【MV duet】
You wanted to duet with someone for a long time, but the distance was too far so cannot could together song?song? App with features of recording duet video, removing all obstacles space timeandpleasure communication friendfour way!

Coming to Sing Now, you can enjoy live songs, watch livestreams, sing duet with singers and celebrities.

【Make videos and download unlimited videos】
Make videos from photos and music! You can shoot, cut, merge videos as you like!
In addition, you can also download videos and songs to your device, no need to be online to watch music videos!

【Advantages Sing Now】Sing karaoke scoring, online recording, the hottest entertainment audio social network in Vietnam,  no longer worry about boredom!
【Listen/Sing to your heart's content】 Rich beat music store, tap the button to sing now! Nominated for excellent content, good vocal selection every day!
【Record short video】 record karaoke video with high quality, built-in soundcard, ulike camera filter, make your song a cinematic masterpiece!
【Interesting Events】the voice vn contest between thousands of people, regular Battle events, huge fan base, honor medals, singer certifications and other rewards are waiting for you!

If you are a singing enthusiast, you will definitely love this Vietnamese karaoke app! Come to Sing Now and experience it right away, guaranteed that you won't be disappointed!

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