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Kia Owner’s Manual (Official)

Kia Owner’s Manual (Official)
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This App Provides The Owner's Manual Of KIA Vehicle.

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Kia Owner’s Manual (Official)
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Apr 29, 2021
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Oct 5, 2022
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1. Customer convenience improved
The Kia Owner's Manual App uses AI technology and multimedia content (images and video) to make it easy to search for information that will help you understand the features of your vehicle. The app also provides a full, searchable digital owner's manual.
You can use the Kia Owner's Manual App to learn about the proper operation of your vehicle, as well as useful driving information.

[Main Features]

1. Symbol Scanner: When you point the camera of your smart device at a button, switch, or other control in the interior of your vehicle, the AI Scanner uses AI symbolic recognition to call up a video explaining the feature and how to use it.

2. Symbol Index: The Symbol Index shows a list of informative videos about vehicle features and how to use them, which you can search and view when you aren't in your vehicle.

3. Warning Indicator: The Warning Indicator section gives explanations of the warning indicators which may appear on your vehicle's instrument cluster, and what they indicate.

4. Digital Owner's Manual: The Digital Owner's Manual provided by the app is identical in content to the printed manual for your vehicle. It allows you to use keyword search to find useful information about your vehicle, such as detailed information on howto use features and conditions for feature operation.

5. Search by Voice : Enjoy Natural Language Processing (NLP)-based voice search to have tips and guidesfor your car. (*This function is only available in selected models.)

6. How to Video : Watch Kia's instruction videos for your vehicle.

Experience the various features of the Kia Owner's Manual App to easily learn about the safe and efficient operation of your vehicle
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