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The Stroke of Genius
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The Stroke of Genius is an innovative puzzle game!

The Stroke of Genius APK Game: Details and Download

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Android 8.0 and up
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The Stroke of Genius
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Nov 16, 2023
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Teen, Violence, Blood
Updated on
Nov 17, 2023
The Stroke of Genius is an innovative puzzle game that lets you experience the painter’s perspective, and draw a perfect picture with one stroke.
You need to observe the details of each scene, find out the missing parts, and then use your finger to draw the correct lines on the screen, to restore the original appearance of the picture.
Your every stroke will affect the beauty and meaning of the picture, so please think carefully, and do not scribble randomly.
The game has a variety of themes and styles, from classical oil paintings to modern comics, from landscape paintings to portraits, allowing you to appreciate different artistic works, while exercising your observation and creativity.
You can also share your works with your friends, and let them join this fun game.
Download The Stroke of Genius now, and make your one stroke a stroke of genius!
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