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Vampire Hunter: Bloodline
4.6 1.49M+
Dreaming back a thousand years,and Dracula is coming to the immortal sanctuary.

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Android 4.4 and up
1.49M+ downloads
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503.31 MB
4.6 / 74.14K+ reviews
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Vampire Hunter: Bloodline
Released on
Sep 30, 2022
Content rating
Teen, Violence, Blood, Users Interact
Updated on
Sep 21, 2023
==Story Background==

A thousand years ago, the world was suddenly plunged into chaos. The arrogant and evil Count Dracula of Vampire's Lair and his subordinates launched an endless war of extinction against the wolfmen, and the war brought dreadful sufferings to all creatures within its reach.

The evil power in the Crimson Castle is quietly awakening, and the Dim Spire's monsters are stirring. The roars of the vampire chief make the earth tremble!

If you don't fight, flowers will no longer bloom on this land, and sunlight will no longer shine on lively creeks...

So join the battle! Rise against evils with your mortal body, and go through hardships to bring light back to the world!

Join the battle! Fight to the end to bring hope back to the world and put smiles back on people's faces!

You were born from the light to bring light to the whole world. You are the hope of people and the terminator of conflicts between the two races. As a descendant of god, you have courage as your armor and wisdom as your weapon. You embark on an expedition on this turbulent continent, accumulating strength with soul cards, preparing to defeat the evil enemies and let the light of dawn shine on the world again!

Who will excel this time? Good? Or evil? ...


[A Dark Art Style that Recreates the Era of Vampires]

Exquisite 3D modeling throughout the game that reproduces the classic vampire art style.

An immersive adventure in an amazing vampire world that brings an unprecedented experience.

Travel the mysterious continent of angels as the hero to find treasure and be a part of epic myths.

[An Inexpensive AFK Game with High Drop Rates]

One-click AFK and free VIP10. Rake in 100K Dia on your first day and enjoy AFK earnings. Trade advanced items as you wish at the open market. Sell equipment for money and become a top player without spending a cent.

Say goodbye to slow grinding. Hunt frenzied bosses to get L.E. gear, enjoy chance of rare bling skins increased to 1000% and obtain mounts and wings effortlessly. Your CP will skyrocket.

[Hundreds of Appearances and Unique Soul Card Morph]

Majestic armors, elegant gowns, casual swimsuits... Feel free to match various costumes.

Bloody Wolfking, Fallenmoon Angel, Scarlet Nightmare... Hundreds of mounts, followers, and magical creatures are at your command for you to smash your opponents with ease.

[An Exciting Adventure and a Rich Gameplay]

A special boss progression system in which you can use Demoncores to evolve Infinite Bosses, boosting drop rates significantly.

Bat Abyss, Bloody Dungeon, Bloodmoon Woods, Wolfman Arcadia...A variety of random dungeons that you can clear in no time with high CP. Parkour, Fisher King, Fruit Workshop... Numerous interesting gameplay modes will keep you engaged!

[Team with Friends to Fight Thrilling Battles]

Team up to join raids, whole server brawls, and a variety of PvP modes and stage spirited fights.

When the world server siege is on, occupy the Shrine on behalf of your server to challenge powerful enemies of the Golden City in cross-server mode!

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