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SalvageReseller - Salvage Cars for Sale from Copart Auto Auction

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The app will allow any individual or business that requires the services of a Copart Registered Broker, to purchase vehicles for sale at Copart Auto Auctions, which is a licensed dealers only auction. Once registered, the buyer receives a bidder number and a password to login at, and will be able to make bids up to the amount supported by the security deposit the buyer has on fund.

The minimum security deposit required is $400; this allows the buyer to bid on one vehicle up to $4000. If the buyer wishes to bid on more than one vehicle or higher than $4000, then he must increase the security deposit to a minimum of 10% of the bids. Every additional vehicle you wish to bid on requires a minimum of $400 in security deposit. The security deposit cannot be used to pay for vehicles and it must remain on fund at all times until the account is closed.

We offer two subscription options: you can sign up for a monthly subscription with a 30 days free trial and a $25 monthly subscription fee, or a yearly subscription for only $150 a year. No dealer license is required to buy, simply enter your contact information and select whether or not you are a resident of the US or Canada. If so, your driver's license number will be necessary to register. If you are not a US or Canada resident, then you must select the country where you reside and enter your passport number. You will be required to provide copy of your ID.

The app shows more than 100,000 vehicles for sale, of many makes and models, including cars, motorcycles, trucks, SUVs, machinery, boats and anything in between, with the vehicle details and pictures provided by Copart. You can search vehicles by “Type” and filter the results by year, make, model, title type and location. You can also use the “Quick Picks” and search for Muscle Cars, Flood Vehicles, Vehicles for Parts, Buy Now and more, or if you know the lot number of the vehicle you wish to see just enter it and you will see it in no time. We highly recommend that you inspect the vehicles before bidding, ALL VEHICLES ARE BEING SOLD AS "AS-IS, WHERE-IS" ALL BIDS ARE BINDING AND ALL SALES ARE FINAL.

Once you are awarded a vehicle, you will be notified via email by Copart and us. You will also receive the payment instructions and the vehicle documents from us. Payment must be made to Inloher Corp. (no Copart), via wire transfer or with a direct deposit to Bank of America, we do not accept credit card for vehicle payments. You have two (2) working days from the date of the sale, to pay in full before Copart charges $50 in late payment fees. Failure to pay the vehicle within seven (7) calendar days (including the sale date), forfeits your purchase, you will lose your security deposit and will have to pay a $250 sales cancelation fee for every vehicle.

The app is owned by Inloher Corp. a Florida Licensed Auto Dealer and a Copart Registered Broker for many years. Inloher owns a network of websites featuring salvage cars, salvage motorcycles, salvage trucks and boats for sale from Copart. These vehicles come from financial institutions, insurance companies, rental cars and more. The app is the first of its kind, so we will be adding more features and improving the performance continuously.
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