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Mental Health App
Mooditude: Mental Health App
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Take control of your mental health with self-care programs, tests, and trackers.

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In this version, get ready to enjoy:

•\tIntroducing 10-Day Program to improve mental health program.
•\tIncluding new prices options.

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Mooditude is an easy-to-use mental health program trusted by clinicians and users alike. Here is why:

Mooditude provides:

⭐ A safe and supportive community to discuss mental
health concerns.
⭐ Clinical grade mental illness screening/test
⭐ Personal self-care plancomposed of 1,000+
minutes of self-care activities including diary or
journal and meditation
⭐ Mental health and mood tracking, and
⭐ Guidance from qualified mental health professionals

Feel Better with Mooditude
You can easily incorporate Mooditude into your daily routine. It requires just a few minutes a day.

Step 1:
Take a Mental Health Test

It takes just 3-minutes and produces a Mental Health Score showing your overall risk of a mental health condition. Our mental health test combines four tests into one:

• Depression Test
• Anxiety Test
• PTSD Test, and
• Bipolar Disorder Test

The complete report explains your depression, anxiety, PTSD, and bipolar disorder risks and recommendations. You can take this report to your therapist.

Step 2:
Follow a Personal Self-care Plan

Based on your responses to the mental health test, we personalize a self-care plan. Your self-care plan consists of two or three short self-love activities.

These self-help activities include:

🧿 Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and DBT Worksheets
🧿 CBT / DBT Thought Diary or Journal
🧿 Mood Tracking and Mood Monitoring
🧿 Meditation and Mindfulness
🧿 Coping activities, e.g., PMR, Grounding games.
🧿 Uplifting mental health quotes and affirmations
🧿 Mental Health Programs to learn new skills and manage:
relationships, work-related stress/burnout, self-care, trauma,
and self-esteem.

Step 3:
Mental Health Monitoring and Tracking

Mooditude's Mental health trackers help you discover what triggers your emotions and feelings. We offer:

1. A clinical-grade mental wellbeing tracking with mental
health screening
2. Regular mood tracker, and
3. Lifestyle activities trackers, including:

• Exercise or physical activity level
• Quality of Sleep
• Mindfulness and Focus
• Social interactions
• Gratitude Mindset
• Exposure to sunlight
• Medicine / Medication
• Alcohol or Durg Usage (Substance Abuse)
• Period or Mensuturation Cycle Tracking

These trackers produce powerful insights, such as:

• What triggers your mood and emotions?
• What are your top cognitive distortions?
• What activities, e.g., journaling or meditation, works for you?
• Does talking to people improve your day? Or,
• Going for a short walk after lunch improves your energy?

Advance Plan
Take your self-care routines to the next level with our positive habit-building module. Customize it for maximum results.

Is Mooditude for you?
Mooditude is an excellent self-care tool for mood disorders. So, if you are feeling: stressed, burnout, sad, hopeless or helpless, worthless, guilty, ashamed, trauma, or grief.

Or having: low self-esteem, trouble sleeping, relationship problems, decreased energy, trouble concentrating, change in appetite or weight, sensitivity to failure and rejection, or thoughts of self-harm.

Mooditude might be able to help.

If you are seeing a therapist:
Mooditude is an excellent companion to have by your side as you navigate talk therapy. You can journal, track your progress and moods, and share your success with your therapist!

Finding a therapist:
We help you find a qualified mental health professional in the USA.

Mooditude doesn't replace a mental health professional. It is a self-care plan, and your result depends on your commitment and following the program guidelines. When you are in danger, call 911.

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