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July 12, 2022
나만의냉장고(GS25) apk

GS25 My Refrigerator is a convenience store shopping service that allows you to discount / earn / pay directly from your mobile, and you can store products purchased at the store.

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Jul 12, 2022
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Jul 12, 2022
Updated on July 12, 2022
나만의냉장고(GS25) APK version 4.0.34 requires Android 4.4 and up, API level 19 or higher.
[ver 4.0.34]
- 고객 편의를 위한 기능 추가
GS25 Personal Refrigerator is a 'GS25 gift keeping (storage) service' that allows GS25 convenience store event gifts and purchased products to be stored in the app storage and then exchanged at GS25 convenience stores nationwide. When purchasing products from GS25, you can quickly pay with a discount card affiliated with GS&POINT accumulation/use.
(Installation minimum specification Android V4.4 or higher)
It is a convenience store shopping service that allows you to discount/accumulate/pay directly from your mobile device.
* You can use your own refrigerator by logging in with your GS affiliate ID/password, or by verifying yourself.

[Contain, build, write! GS25 Personal Refrigerator Main Features]
Buy OnePlus Con/Lunch Box/Free Shipping products on mobile
GS&POINT accumulation/communication company discount/pop card payment at the same time when purchasing!
Store gifts and purchases and get them when you need them
Changing the stored product to another product

[main function]
The start of smart wallet management! Consumption data!
Buy 1+1, 2+1, bonus gift event products thrifty
Find the lunch box you want, at the time you want, at the store you want
One QR code for discount/accumulation/storage/payment all at once!

[GS25 convenience store own refrigerator main functions]
● One Plus Con (1+1, 2+1, bonus gift, etc.)
- Convenience store 1+1, 2+1, bonus gift event products can be viewed and purchased
● Pre-order
- GS25 convenience store lunch boxes, gimbap, hamburgers, sandwiches can be viewed and pre-ordered
● Storage box
- You can check and use the storage history of gifts/purchased products (purchased products)
- Giving gifts, giving and receiving gifts, and changing storage products
- Coupon box (online/offline discount coupon), mobile receipt confirmation
● Consumption data
- What is my consumption level compared to the average? Where am I spending the most of my money?
- Start with THE POP consumption data that you can see at a glance the first step in smart wallet management
● Events
- My own refrigerator event, GS25 website link event, gift discount event / product information
● Membership card
- GS&POINT card registration and accumulation/use history can be viewed
- Can be registered and applied directly on/offline to telecommunication company discount cards (KT Olleh membership, LG U+ membership)
- Mobile pop registration possible
● Other features
- Find a store: Find the location of a nearby GS25 convenience store
- Customer Support: Notice, FAQ, User Guide
- Settings: Automatic login settings, check and set terms of use, update to the latest version
● GS Pay
- Easy payment: Register a card or account only once and use it continuously.
- Safe and fast payment: Are you uncomfortable with authentication every time? One-click payment setup allows you to pay immediately without additional authentication.
- Points accrual benefit: 2% GS&POINT accumulation at all times (in case of account linked payment)

We recommend using Android 4.4 or higher.

-App access permission guide-
「Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, Etc.」
In accordance with Article 22-2, the necessary access rights are provided as follows.

[Required access rights]
* does not exist

[Optional access rights]
* Notification: Receive notifications for service activities
* Address Book: Check the address book for gift giving
* Location: Receive location information to find a store
* Storage space: device photo, media, file upload
* Camera: Take photos and videos to write a review

※ We use the above authority to provide services for customer convenience, and access only the items necessary for service use. The customer has the right not to agree, and optional access rights require permission when using the corresponding function, and even when not allowed, services other than the corresponding function can be used.
※ In the case of Android versions below 6.0, individual consent to items is not possible, so access to all items is mandatory.