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Superconquest Napoleon
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Fun strategy game in the Napoleonic Era. Fight the empires to conquer Europe!

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Superconquest Napoleon
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Mar 6, 2021
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Mar 06, 2021
A simple, fast, fun and highly addictive turn-based strategy game about the Napoleonic era! Manage your armies, protect your veterans, build a stronger empire by conquest, and accumulate victories.

"Play as Napoleon and conquer Europe, or play the coalition and stop his ambition! Relive the tumultuous and epic history of the greatest military adventure and the fight of the different empires for the conquest of Europe!"

Important: "Superconquest Napoleon" is a free-to-play and fun game with additional expansions available to add exciting dimensions to the game.

⭐️ Determine your own strategies and choose how you organize your armies. Maneuver intelligently to win battles. In this casual wargame, strategic and tactical decisions are entirely yours to make.

⭐️ Face historical events such as coalitions and declarations of war, guerrillas and revolts!

⭐️ Move your armies by land or by sea as you organize operations from behind the frontline.

⭐️ Take control of territories to win gold and strengthen your forces.

⭐️ Neutralize England by establishing the continental blockade.

⭐️ Invade the Tzar’s empire and face the Russian winter.

⭐️ Optimize the use of Veteran troops.

⭐️ Manage your forces at different fronts across Europe.

⭐️ Train and complete your armies to conquer other countries!

The game includes:
⭐️ All the French Revolution and First Empire campaigns playable as both sides with historical events
⭐️ All the armies of major nations: France, Austria, Russia, Prussia, and Great Britain, each with their national characteristics.
⭐️ Three epic campaigns in order to build your empire.
⭐️ “Nations At war” mode: shape the destiny of a nation and conquer Europe against all others.
⭐️ Dual player setting to play with your friends.
⭐️ Advanced rules mode
⭐️ Difficulty level setting to challenge the most astute of military leaders!

Could you be a military genius in the Napoleonic era ?
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