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Life on Sea

Life on Sea
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Building your own Noah's Ark after the sea level rises.

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Android 6.0 and up
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Life on Sea
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Nov 23, 2022
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Feb 24, 2023
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1.Added some new functions.
2.Fixed some bugs
Adventure awaits in this post-apocalyptic world! Construct buildings atop a raft in the sea, battle vicious pirates, and collect mountains of treasure. Join Cora in this brand new world and build your own sea home!

Cora pulls down her red hood to shade her eyes from the sun before paddling her raft into the ocean. Beside her, the Ark, a high-tech submarine to house survivors of the apocalypse. Join her on her quest to rebuild the world by salvaging resources, developing item-producing buildings, gathering up new allies, and completing orders sent from other survivors around the world. However, Cora and her allies are not alone in this vast blue yonder. Pirates prowl the ocean waves and have their eyes on your fledgling raft society. Defeat them in battle and gain valuable resources and artifacts to increase your survivor's strength and forge your own path in this brand new world!

Fantastic 3D Graphics – Amazing 3D graphics bring this ocean adventure to life. Encounter many different types of survivors and do battle in brilliantly rendered combat!

Acquire Valuable Resources – Build up production buildings and farms to build up essential items and food. Salvage flotsams from the ocean for more resources!

Improve the Ark – The Ark is a high-tech boat that carries your survivors! Upgrade it to unlock excellent rewards like improved Idle Progression and more buildings to build!

It's your Raft – The powerful Edit Mode allows you to DIY your raft any way that you please. Expand your raft using carefully placed planks and build up your very own base to navigate the waves.

Find other Survivors – There are other powerful souls who survived into this world. Use cards to find them and build up a powerful team of survivors to combat bloodthirsty pirates!

Rewarding Idle Progression – Complete battles against enemies to improve your Idle Progression level. Get new valuable artifacts, EXP, Gold, and other useful items while you're away!

Intense Strategic Combat – Composition matters! Cleverly put together your team of survivors to take advantage of powerful team synergies and defeat ruthless pirates! Use resources gained on the raft to upgrade your survivors, unlock new skills and abilities, and gain the edge in combat!

The adventure of a lifetime starts here in this post-apocalyptic world! Upgrade your raft and the Ark, gather new and powerful allies, and fight for victory! Enjoy an all-new type of simulator game that merges DIY-building gameplay with hard-hitting strategic combat. Earn rich rewards out-of-game through the Idle Progression system and use them to improve your survivors as you sail out toward a brilliant future!
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