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Voilà! - Employee Scheduling
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Voilà! - Employee Scheduling
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Jul 21, 2018
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Nov 10, 2023
Voilà! sets employee scheduling on autopilot. It’s time for managers to stop wasting time scheduling and managing employee replacements. Empower employees to take the wheel. With Voilà!, managers set their custom scheduling rules and assign work shifts to employees who create optimal schedules that meet everyone’s needs. Let time be on everyone’s side by assigning shifts and replacing workers on cruise-control.

The Employee-centric HR Solution

With Voilà!, employees are in the driver’s seat. They get to create their work schedule based on their managers’ needs for each position. Since employees know their availability best, they can make their schedule by bidding on available shifts, request replacements and swap work shifts with colleagues. Managers set their custom business rules and approve shifts based on their level of flexibility set in place.

👩‍💼👨‍💼 Why Managers Love It ❤️
✓ Define your staffing needs and create the required work shifts.
✓ Stop wasting time by creating recurring work shifts.
✓ Stay in control using advanced metrics and simple employee scheduling dashboards.
✓ Gain precious time back by letting employees fill in work shifts based on their availability.
✓ Prioritize which employees get to pick work shifts first using 100% customizable business rules scores and seniority.
✓ Fill open work shifts faster by alerting employees through email, SMS or push notifications.
✓ Set your custom rules and decide what you need to approve.

👩‍🏭👨‍⚕️👷‍♂️👩‍⚕️ Why Employees Love It ❤️
✓ Create a work schedule that fits your needs and constraints.
✓ View and manage your work shift calendar from anywhere on any device.
✓ Get notified about new work opportunities in the way you want: via email, SMS or push notifications.
✓ Whenever unavailable, request replacements on the go.
✓ Swap work shifts with coworkers.
✓ Request your vacations online for faster approval.
✓ Message coworkers from Voilà! via email, push notifications or SMS.

What makes it work so well?
Voilà! manages which employees are qualified for requested positions and work shifts, invites them to use their manager’s preferred system and then makes sure their total work hours comply with the businesses staff management policy.

Designed by a seasoned team of HR Tech entrepreneurs
Voilà! keeps pushing the boundaries of staff management technologies and empowers managers to stay in control of their business most efficiently.

Are you an HR Manager?
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