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City of Crime

Gang Wars
City of Crime: Gang Wars
4.7 0+
An innovative gangster strategy mobile game!

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Android 5.0 and up
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560.19 MB
4.7 / 67.65K+ reviews
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Original name
City of Crime: Gang Wars
Released on
Feb 8, 2022
Content rating
Mature 17+, Sexual Content, Use of Tobacco, Strong Language, Simulated Gambling, Users Interact, In-Game Purchases (Includes Random Items)
Updated on
Nov 15, 2022
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What's new
1. Gameplay optimizations.
2. Various bug fixes that greatly enhance the game experience
An innovative gangster strategy mobile game! Call up your brothers and experience the thrill of fighting players from all over the world!

Fight in real time and utilize strategies to get the upper-hand!
Clash with enemies for their turf and settle feuds between rivals!
One server for the entire world. Be the best, be the king of the world!

☆☆☆Dope cars, sweet babes, and enough guns to make an army blush☆☆☆
Experience a realistic underworld life that'll have you clubbing with babes, capturing rival turfs, brawling alongside your brothers, and zooming through the city in a sports car!

☆☆☆Build up a high-definition city without restrictions☆☆☆
Construct your city however you like! From grand architectures to stunning characters, your city can be the ultimate visual treat in 4K graphics!

☆☆☆Real-time battles with emphasis on strategies☆☆☆
Engage in real-time street battles as a gangster would! Utilize your Enforcers, Gunners, and Bikers to wipe the floor with your enemies.

☆☆☆One world, one server. Who will be the boss of the world?☆☆☆
Communicate with players across the world, regardless of ethnicity or language! The most common language in the world is power, and only a powerful person can become the Boss!

☆☆☆Real-time AI calculations that simulates a real world☆☆☆
Fight for turfs during the day, party at bars and clubs during the night! How you spend your time during each day and night cycle is up to you!

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