Фэнтези - Бесплатные книги apk
Фэнтези - Бесплатные книги apk

Фэнтези - Бесплатные книги

Latest Version by Philipp Alexandrov

Read Fantasy books for free in a convenient application. Over 100 books available!

Fantasy is a unique genre in which both a parallel world and another planet can be described, and their physical laws may differ from earthly ones. In this application you will find books about gods, magic, mythical creatures like dragons, giants, fairies, etc.
E-books can be read online or offline, completely free of charge, regardless of location and time of day. A library of free books will be available to you even without the Internet.
What is in the application:
- Built-in book reader
- Daily updated base of books
- Convenient library and book navigation
- Ability to customize the reader for yourself (font, color, background, text size)
- 5 reading modes (3 day and 2 night)
and many other chips!

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