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Learn basic Korean

Learn basic Korean - HeyKorea
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Study Korean for 20 minutes every day. Fluent in Korean in just 3 months

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Learn basic Korean - HeyKorea
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Dec 12, 2021
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Nov 16, 2022
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We update the app regularly to provide you with the best learning experience. Please upgrade to the new version with new improvements. Thank you for supporting HeyKorea
~ Learning Korean is a small thing with HeyKorea ~

HeyKorea - App to learn Korean for beginners, ready to help you conquer this interesting language.

The application brings a effective Korean learning solution. Categorize vocabulary, grammar, and sentence patterns by topic, helping you memorize quickly and effectively.

⚠ Tips for you: Spend 40 minutes to learn basic vocabulary, grammar and listening practice, spend another 20 minutes to review the whole lesson. At the end of the week, review the basic grammar, Korean vocabulary learned during the week and win cool badges from HeyKorea!
andgt;andgt;andgt; Every day you just need to spend 1 hour to self-study Korean with HeyKorea and continuously for 2 months, you will make great progress.

ALL IN ONE - Just 1 app, including all the features you need to learn Korean vocabulary and grammar at home:

🔠 Korean Alphabet
✔ Specific alphabet, easy to understand, easy to remember
✔ Theory/tips for beginners to learn

📚 Korean vocabulary by topic
✔ Learn vocabulary themed about family, greetings, animals, plants, vehicles, economy and lots of other life related topics.
✔ See illustrations to help increase vocabulary memorization
✔ Support learners:
+ Korean vocabulary for Topik test
+ Common Korean vocabulary
+ Communicative Korean vocabulary
+ Korean vocabulary with pictures

️🎧 Practice listening - speaking - writing Korean
✔ Practice listening to Korean with paragraphs and sentences on each topic
✔ Practice Korean pronunciation for vocabulary, phrases and sentences. Standard pronunciation with native accent
✔ Practice writing Korean from basic to advanced, from alphabet to complete paragraph.
=andgt; Self-study Korean is not difficult when HeyKorea has helped you step by step, creating a scientific and methodical environment.

💹 Statistics and suggestions for appropriate learning progress
✔ Learning route from basic to advanced. Building a branched tree model into lessons by branches 7-8 lessons.
=andgt; The higher the climb, the harder it is, if you want to climb quickly, unlock it!
✔ Track your weekly practice progress: earn practice points

🚩Get a cool badge when you complete each lesson
Don't forget to motivate yourself to study every day to get cute badges and rank up in Korean!

★★★ HeyKorea app is suitable for:

* People who want to learn Korean by themselves at home
* People who want to increase their Korean vocabulary
* People who want to learn to listen - speak - write Korean quickly
* Korean language learners, TOPIC exam preparation
* The person who studied Korean was then interrupted and did not study effectively
* Learners who want to innovate the method of learning Korean

The method of learning Korean through each topic every day not only helps you learn Korean vocabulary effectively, but also helps you learn the structures and grammar commonly used in daily life.
Persistence creates success, HeyKorea will remind you to go to the learning app every day, easily creating a habit of studying continuously and hard for 2 months.

⭐Korean is not difficult when you have HeyKorea!⭐
Make friends with HeyKorea and let's conquer Korean together!

HeyKorea always wants to send you the best Korean grammar and vocabulary learning app. However, mistakes are inevitable, we look forward to receiving your feedback to improve the application better and better. All your feedback please send to email:
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